About Artist

Bibik is a Ukrainian-born, Los Angeles-based artist, signing his works as Bbk. He is a master of engaging your senses on a ride into a boundless game, where your feelings will become tangible. His trademark is a unique vision of integrating objects and humans, enabling natural talent to drive the art and challenge you from emotional experiences to physical matter.

Juggling complex financial analytics and his passion for art, Bibik protests mediocrity using a unique and bold surrealistic style. Bibik’s talent unmistakably reshapes the canvas into another dimension of thought that is outrageous, sharply critical, and, at times, sarcastic. Yet, it leaves you in awe of its originality and intensity.

Unleashing his box of paints, like a surgeon, instead of a scalpel but with a thick brush, the artist moves you with the reflection and curiosity of a child as he meticulously uses wit and distortion, evoking profound analogies and, sometimes, disturbing, yet, inviting visions. Bibik’s hallmark signature utilizes impressive voids or random, unlikely objects integrated with the characters to boldly address the perpetual coexistence of the inner world and external environment.